April 2014 - Focus: Government Funding

1. Regional Growth Funds rounds 5 and 6
2. Growth Accelerator helps 12,000 businesses
3. Are you getting the most from R&D tax credits?
4. Alternative funding in the
post-bank era

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RGF News

Nick Clegg visits the Cartwright group following their £2m grant award - managed by S2b.

Growth Accelerator

GrowthAccelerator Is a government backed initiative to help achieve rapid growth in smaller companies.  Already 12,000 SME’s have benefited - could this be your kick start to growth?

R&D Tax Credits

Another great government initiative much mis-understood by accountants.  Bob Watson explains Tax Credits and gives some examples. You might be surprised what you can get...

Alternative Finance

Banks are no longer lending...” True or not, the growth in alternatives is both significant and innovative.

We review highlights from the first comprehensive study.

”S2B are fantastic tutors; they have helped us analyse what we do and how do we do it - most importantly to realise how to increase sales by segmenting our products and target markets, and identifying areas with the greatest growth potential.”

Dr Cristina Willans, Managing Director

Over 12,000 businesses in England have already joined Growth Accelerator and 96% recommend it!

The GrowthAccelerator programme has been a huge success.  Available only to businesses in England employing less that 250 people and turning over less than £40m, it focuses only on companies with high growth potential - 20% pa or more...

What GrowthAccelerator offers

If your company has the potential to grow, but you need help reaching that potential, GrowthAccelerator can help.  If you sign up, here’s what you get:

Are you eligible?

To be eligible for GrowthAccelerator, your business must be registered in the UK and based in England, have fewer than 250 employees and have a turnover of less than £40m. More importantly, you must have the ambition to grow - targeting at least 20% per year over a three year period.

Common Barriers to Growth

The seeds of success

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