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We have a proven methodology which gets funding for small business owners, financing a wide range of activities.

Based on your "Investment Readiness" our approach takes you through the steps needed to stand the best chance of obtaining funding.

We support you throughout the process and where needed help you with the preparations. Our fees are substantially based on "no-win-no-fee" unless you require more help to become
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Credit/Debit Card Financing with a Business Cash Advance


Turning your future Credit/Debit Card sales into cash today!
 - Already established throughout UK businesses from support2business.

This solution enables retail businesses to sell future credit/debit card revenue to raise cash for business needs.

Support2Business are the UK's independent sales organisation for Business Cash Advance (backed by Merchant Cash Express). We are able to offer this unique funding solution to businesses who take an average of £3,500 or more per month on credit card sales. 

Conditions are simple:

  • No tangible security required
  • Flexible repayment linked to future sales
  • No ongoing fees or interest charges (after initial set-up fee)
  • No fixed term repayment, but linked to your future sales
  • With Fast decision

If you feel this would help your business please complete the
Application Form and one of our team will contact you personally.

Mr Heinz Klose (pictured) of theWoodman Pub in Sevenoaks explains why he chose to use our Credit Card Financing:

"I turnover £800,000 a year in food and drink, but my kitchens urgently needed improvements.  I would have had to shut the pub without help from this cash advance, because the banks considered me 'high risk'.  The Credit Card Advance saved my business!"

"The service is convenient, easy and it works.  I've used this service 3 times now and I'm a very happy customer."


Some customer quotes:

"Continued investment is key to running a modern dental practice.  We found Business Cash Advance easy to use, and flexible.  For example, we needed to buy a large amount of titanium implants and as 99% of clients pay by credit card, we were able to repay our advance very quickly.  We have now used the service for other funding.  Getting the money was very straightforward and the cash was in our bank within days."
Dr. Maurice Spry, Dentist

"This is a very rural location and during the winter snow we lost a lot of business.  This wansn't a failing business... but I still had bills to pay and needed money to stay afloat through the winter.  The bank weren't willing to lend me the money, but Business Cash Advance did the job."
Ian Simpson, the Glenkindie Arms Hotel 

"Businesses like garages are forever updating equipment, but getting bank loans is so difficult these days, there are so many hoops to jump through.  Once Business Cash Advance was set up, we can take an advance any time we like with no fuss.  We encourage our customers to pay by credit card and as a result the advance goes down quicker than if they paid by cash or cheque.  I would recommend this to any similar trade."
Neil Townsend, Stanton Drew Garage in Weston Super Mare 

What is 
Business Cash Advance?

First of all, it is NOT a loan...  

Our Credit/Debit Card Financing is a cash advance against your FUTURE credit card sales.  

You are not borrowing the money, we are arranging an advance against your expected future take through your credit card sales.

Get the Application Form.

How does it work?

  • You prove your average takings.
  • We agree an amount to advance.
  • A fixed charge is added to the sum advanced
  • We automatically take a percentage from your take until the advance is repaid.

What percentage do we take?

An agreed percentage is automatically deducted from all future card sales as repayment. The percentage is agreed at the outset and remains unchanged during the period of the contract. Each deal is bespoke and the average period of repayment is 6 months.

What if your card sales drop?

No problem, we will continue to take the agreed percentage (no more!) until the advance is cleared - even if it takes longer. You will NOT incur any additional charges, interest, late payment fees, etc.